OfferBanc Understands the Unique Needs of Our Clients



Retirees can get needed cash to fulfill their retirement goals.

Whether travelling the world or moving to a quieter place in town, OfferBanc is a solution for retirees ready to turn to the next chapter. We can buy your home quickly with no hassle. We are private buyers so there is no need for open houses or yard signs. No need for dozens of folks coming in and out of your home. Plus, we'll buy your home in as-is condition, so you don't need to do any repairs, period!



Probate heirs can rely on a hassle free and fast transaction to liquidate real estate assets.

Failing to close in a timely manner is unacceptable in probate transactions. There is always a chance for a delay or cancellation of escrow if the buyer requires loan approvals and inspection repairs. But as cash buyers, OfferBanc can close a transaction on time and within the time restrictions of the probate case. Need to close in 14 days? Done. Need more time to liquidate assets? Done. We have worked with dozens of probate attorneys to facilitate a probate closing.



OfferBanc can sell your home quickly and quietly, so you keep more equity.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when unforeseen financial circumstances can affect a family and require the immediate sale of their home. And the longer your home stays in foreclosure, the more you owe the bank and the less equity you have. OfferBanc can buy your home immediately and in as-is condition, so you don't need to worry about repairs. We can close a home sale in 14 days so you can get your funds before you lose more equity on your home.



OfferBanc can sell your home quickly and quietly, to liquidate real estate assets.

Divorce is the most stressful event in life that a couple will have to go through. Unfortunately, the second most stressful event is selling your home. OfferBanc is a hassle-free solution when it comes to divorce sales. We can help you liquidate your real estate assets and work with your attorney on court approvals. Need a fast close? We can close your transaction in 10-14 days.

About OfferBanc.com

We Buy Homes for Cash in Los Angeles Area. Headquartered in Pasadena, CA, OfferBanc works with home sellers, real estate investors and real estate investment trusts (REITs) to acquire property in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. OfferBanc makes over 3,600+ active cash offers each year. We specialize in services catered to retirees, estate, probate, pre-foreclosure, and divorce sales. Our team of property acquisition specialists are hyper focused and experienced on the Southern California marketplace. Sellers prefer working with OfferBanc because we give instant cash offers, simplify the process of selling their home, can close within 10-14 days and avoid all the inconveniences of putting their home on the open market.

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